About us                                          

Shoshit Seva Sangh is a registered Charitable Trust which runs a fully free English medium residential school at Patna for the poorest of the poor, the musahar community of Bihar. Students are provided not free tuition, boarding and lodging but clothes including uniform, textbooks, stationery, toilteries, healthcare and all other necessities. The school is affiliated upto +2 level to the CBSE and has all the facilities mandated by it.


The musahar population is estimated to be 35 lacs and they live in designated ghettoes in the outskirts of almost all the villages of Bihar. Literacy among them is 5%, education is a far cry. Almost all the musahars are landless agricultural labourers with a meager and seasonal income. Many are caught in a debt trap and remain victims of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Being at the bottom of the ladder, benefits of welfare measures have not trickled down to them. India’s growth story since independence appears to have bye-passed them.


Shoshit Seva Sangh believes that quality education can help the children of this community to make a quantum jump in life and become catalysts of change within the community. Shoshit Seva Sangh supports students passing out from its school to graduate from institutions of higher learning and thus enable them to compete for high-end jobs in the government

as well as private/public sectors. This shall have a cascading effect and in a matter of few decades change the very profile of the community. What has not happened in many millennia may be achieved in a few decades. SSS aspires to deliver a silent revolution.