Appeal From Chief Patron

I am proud that my brother, Jyoti, after a long and distinguished career in Government, rising to the top rungs as a public servant in Government of India, on retirement, has decided to devote himself to honorary social work among the most deprived sections of the society. In doing so, he is following in the footsteps of our father, who spent over 30 years of his life, on retirement from Government service, as a very pro-active honorary social worker, till his last days.

My brother’s bold decision to go back to his roots in Bihar, spurning a Government offer of a top job in Delhi, was fully endorsed by me. In so doing he has taken a lead in reversing, the ongoing trend of exodus from Bihar.

H. E Lt. Gen. S. K Sinha (Retd.),
Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, India

The Shoshit Sewa Sangh has been set up to contribute towards improving the quality of life of the most deprived in our benighted home State of Bihar. It is making a beginning by launching projects for building permanent housing and providing potable drinking water for the most backward people in the State. It is also starting another project for imparting education to the poor urban children. I hope that in course of time, the Sangh will expand its activities in similar areas in the State and later even in the country.

In a vibrant democracy, betterment of the quality of the life of the people is not the sole responsibility of the Government. People’s participation to achieve this goal is very important. In accordance with the resources available to the privileged, they must lend their support to this noble endeavour for the most deprived sections of the society. Our age old theory of trusteeship demands this from them. Our great seers and great men, through our long history upheld this concept. This has been a valued ethos of Indian culture and civilization. The Father of the Nation was a great exponent of this theory. I earnestly hope that the required support will be readily forthcoming from the people for the noble and landable cause, sought to be promoted by the Shoshit Sewa Sangh. Contributions made to the Sangh will be eligible for rebate in income tax.

I feel greatly privileged to be made a Patron of the Sangh and to be associated with it. I pray that the collective effort of all of us will herald a new dawn for Bihar, raising it from its present pathetic state to a bright star in our national firmament. This will be in keeping with the State’s glorious past and will also help our great country to attain its rightful place in the comity of nations.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.)
S.K. Sinha,
PVSM Governor of Jammu and Kashmir & Patron,
Shoshit Seva Sangh