Sponsor a child

SSS has established a fully free English medium residential school to impart quality education to musahar children. The school provides free tuition, boarding, lodging, clothes, uniforms, books, healthcare and other necessities. Having received quality education the musahar children passing-out from the school should get admission in institutions of higher education in the fields of engineering, medicine, law, management etc. Reservations for schedule caste will make this easier. SSS will finance their higher education as well. These Musahar students shall then be empowered to make a quantum jump in life aspiring to frog-leap from the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder to its higher rungs. They shall become catalyst of change in their community.

By becoming an education sponsor, you will be helping pay the tuition, boarding, and school uniforms for a Musahar child to empower him for quality education, skills and character required to maximise their potential and transform lives.


Tuition fee for one child Per Month

Rs 1350


Clothing, Toiletry & Medicare per child Per Month

Rs 1200


Mess Charges (Food)

Rs 1450


1 child for a month

Rs 4000


One child Per Year

Rs 48000


2 children Per Year

Rs 96000


30 children Per Year

Rs 1440000

Corporate Donation