SSS Foundation biggest supporters are its community of individual donors who contribute to the cause regularly, often without any expectation of returns, other than the satisfaction of doing a good deed. Among them are Young Corporate Executives, young Entrepreneur, Government Employees, Teachers and even school children as young as five, motivated by teachers and parents. You could adopt a Musahar child for as low as Rs 4000 per month to join this silent revolution and change their lives and their families.

More companies are now choosing to implement socially responsible policies in response to the increasing number of customers, stakeholders and employees who demand that businesses give something back to society. The internal benefits of CSR to companies are also becoming increasingly apparent:

Companies engaged in CSR are reporting benefits to their reputation and their bottom line. Studies reveal a strong correlation between CSR activity and higher performance.

Companies give in various ways – Cause Related Marketing, Sponsorship, Payroll giving, Gifts in kind, etc.

We invite our corporate partners to come forward and support our mission to bring Social Justice to the deprived Musahar community in Bihar.