Sohit Seva Kendra is a charitable English-medium residential school built for children from Musahar community.

The objective of the SSS Foundation is to bring about the economic and social empowerment of the musahar community of Bihar by providing free education to their children. Musahar population is estimated to be 4 to 5 million, and all of them are landless labourers (many being bonded labourers). The vast majority of musahars are caught in a debt-trap, and find it impossible to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Among the vast poverty ridden population of Bihar, the most exploited and deprived is the Mushar community. They are landless laborers living in sub-human conditions for centuries. They are called Mushars because they are skilled in catching and killing field rats (in Bihari dialect called Musahar) and eating them too due to lack of enough food.

Shoshit Seva Sangh (SSS) was established in July 2005 with the aim of improving the quality of life for the children of this unfortunate community. Deprived of both capital and education (literacy rate being only 5%), SSS believes that the only way to uplift this community is by providing high quality education coupled with vocational training.