Vision of the organization

Shoshit Seva Sangh believes that education is the most powerful tool for the emancipation and empowerment of the down-trodden. SSS not only provides quality education upto higher secondary level but also beyond by supporting the alumni of the school to complete their graduation from universities and institutions of higher learning. SSS is unique as it provides for quality education for the most neglected and poorest of the poor, literally from cradle to adulthood. Musahar students so empowered shall compete for high end jobs in government as well as public and private sector undertakings. They shall be able to take full advantage of reservations mandated by the government. Having made a quantum jump in life they shall become catalysts and agents of change in their community. This shall engender a cascading effect and change the profile of the community in a few decades or so. This is a silent revolution that SSS aspires to deliver.



The mission of Shoshit Seva Sangh is to provide quality education to the children of the musahar community, literally from the cradle to adulthood. Shoshit Samadhan Kendra is a fully free English medium residential school which provides all the facilities for modern education mandated by CBSE. SSS began modestly with less than a dozen students in 2006 and function from a small hired building. The residential school  today is in a 2 acres compound and has over 550 children. The building has a credential to accommodate 1000 students. Two initial batches each comprising less than a dozen students having passed out from SSK are studying in the prestigious Central University of South Bihar and the Central University of Haryana in Guragon. Since the number of boys passing out SSK is going to increase in the years ahead, SSS has now established a virtual college which will function from the school building. The second floor of the school building comprising 25000 sqft. to accommodate the Eklavya Academy. The alumni of SSK shall graduate from the Indira Gandhi National Open University in three years. They shall simultaneously be coached by experts to take competitive exams for high end jobs in government, public or private sectors. SSS hopes that once so employed the boys will become catalysts of change in the musahar community. What has not happened in many millennia may be achieved in 3-4 decades. That is the power of SSS – its vision and mission.


Impact created by the organisation

It is obvious that the project launched by SSS has a long gestation period but its impact will be transformational and permanent. Such is the power of this project. SSK students have already started impacting on the community though they are still in school and are teenagers. Being by far the best-educated children in the villages they have started commanding respect within their family and community. The boys are outspoken about the ills of alcoholism among their peers, child marriage, the importance of literacy and education etc. Their level of education, proficiency in spoken English and improved personality have already started engendering self-esteem in a community which always felt helpless, as if, born to be treated like doormats. Though used to a very decent standard of living at the residential school, the students are eager to go to their homes during winter and summer holidays, primarily because they are treated with a certain amount of admiration. The boys feel that they can make a difference.


Geographical Reach 

Initially, as the residential school was located in Patna, most of the students were from the neigbouring villages. The message of SSS has spread far and wide in the musahar community. The school is now drawing children as young as 6-7 years old for admission to pre-school class from remote villages located in various districts of Bihar. The vision is to create catalysts of change in as wide spread an area as possible to bring about a transformational change. Today, not a single district of Bihar is unrepresented.